Tournament Schedule

As the tournament looms near, we are preparing little info packs to hand out for everyone. Below is a schedule for the weekend:

10/11am – Breakfast and hang time in Newtown
3pm – Pick up at Alexandria Park court til dark
8pm – Welcome at Golden Barley Hotel (165 Edgeware rd, Enmore) – Meeting your captains, collecting rego money, handing out team/tourney shirts.

9-9.30am – Meet at the court
10am SHARP – First game starts, no exceptions.
6pm – Day 1 play ends.
8pm – Party at Julien/Alex’s, 6 Wetherill st, Leichhardt

9-9.30 – Meet at the court
10am – Games start, no exceptions.
2pm – Finals start
6pm – Presentation + awards at the cour

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