Upcoming Events

As spring and the splendid daylight savings is now upon us, there are a few upcoming events on the Sydney Bike Polo Calendar on top of our usual Sunday games.

Saturday 8th October Sydney Bike Film Fest Street Fair
Starting from 11am, MC Cyclery have installed a games arena on Forbes st, Taylor Square in which we will be holding a few bike polo games throughout the day. Some fast paced 2v2 games will be on show. There are plenty of other stalls and attractions to checkout to make a day of it!

Wednesday 12th October USYD Rollin’ Into Uni
On Ride to Work Day, the University of Sydney is holding an event to welcome its students by having food and refreshments, bike stalls, info and repair help as well as some relaxed beginners bike polo. It’ll be a great way to give it a go with other first-timers.

Wednesday 12th October University of Macquarie Ride to Uni Day
Also on Ride to Work Day, Macquaire University has organized a bike friendly event of stalls, bike assistance and a large soft arena perfect for bike polo! It’ll also be another great place to give it a go with other first-timers.

Thursday 27th October TV Filming!
As part of our usual Thursday session, a National TV show will be coming down for some interviews and games to include Bike Polo in a segment of theirs. It’ll be a large turnout and expect some intense and entertaining polo as the players try and out-do each other for some air-time. We encourage any spectators or bike riders to come down and check it out to work up the crowd.

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