Metal to the Pedal

Metal to the Pedal – East Van Crown from Ken Regehr on Vimeo.

Need costume inspiration for Sunday’s “Sideshow Slaughter” at Cirque du Sydney???

Back in September, a week after the World Championships in Seattle, East Vancouver held their annual “East Van Crown” tournament. In leading up to this, they help a great warm up mini tournament that was “metal” themed avis achat viagra. Teams chose or were assigned a metal band to dress up for.

There were no referees, teams had to be with players they weren’t with in the main tournament, costumes were mandatory and any disagreement on court or a tie was resolved through “shotgunning” a can of beer (first to finish wins). Sydney’s Stephen and Brook teamed up with Tom from Adelaide to finish a respectable 7th of 20? Not exactly sure though, my recollection of the day gets a bit hazy towards the end…

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