ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT until the Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Champs of 2014!!!

Here are a couple of quick bits of info you’ll want to know:
1. Check out (and bookmark) our online companion page for links to the podium page, schedules, rules, maps and contact details.
2. Our welcome night party starts at 7pm @ The Vic on the Park Hotel. We’ve got some sweet drink and food deals! Even better, come to the courts beforehand and join in on the polocat @ 4pm for drinks and fun.
3. Check out the rules.
4. See which bracket you are in on the Friday (morning teams marked with an “M”) at the rego page. Games start at 8:30am for that bracket!
5. Check out and join the FB event page.
6. Do a bike safety check
7. Do a mallet safety check

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