Sydney Bike Polo Roller Cup Sprint Team!


The Roller Cup is a fundraising event to support girls’ education in rural India. Teams of 3 will ride their way through a series of short, sharp knock-out rounds of roller racing. The more funds your team raises the more advantages you will get on the night, including head starts and professional substitutes.

Roller Racing is where 2 people are pitted against each other in a 250 metre race on stationary bikes. The race is measured by the roller on the back wheel and each race generally takes 10-20 seconds

Head starts (and other outrageous perks) will be given to teams based on the amount of money they raise before (or even during) the event, so make sure you support your favourite team here. The more money raised, the greater the advantage to your team! A full schedule of fundraising rewards will be published shortly.

As with all Roller Racing International-sanctioned events, house rules apply. Snarling and taunting are tolerated, so long as there is a whiff of charm and wit, and a loose assumption of sportsmanship. All officials’ decisions are final, although money talks, and it is all going to a good cause. You should also consider wearing a matching team costume, it might just pay off with a sweet bonus…

The Rules are simple:
-Up to 50 teams of 3 will enter, each fundraising $200 to qualify (all funds go to supporting the amazing work of Atma Cycles).
-Teams will do battle through successive rounds of roller racing
-Extra fundraising unlocks additional advantages

Come and cheer on your favourite team, or heckle some randoms. The BAR will be pumping, the music thumping – plus there is 10-pin BOWLING, PINBALL and much, MUCH MORE.

CLICK HERE to donate to our team. OR HERE for the Facebook event.

Check out for more information.

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