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The Australian Cycle Messenger Championships (ACMC 2010) are kicking off this Easter weekend with a throw-in tournament organised on Friday at 11am. Polo, footdown slow race, kwik lock and other events throughout the day. Come down for the festivities and drinks!

I’ve also heard that this Thursdays polo (1/4/10) might be a little special too. The ACMC is open to all and is carried on with many other events over the loooong weekend. The main race being Saturday night. Lewis has posted up some more info on these over on Le Pista Resistance.

1 thought on “ACMC Polo Event

  • thanks for those few games of Polo. I had a blast. and WOW to the fixed bike with a rear brake.

    Was really cool to play and make a guest appearance even if I was a tad rotten at shooting. Always good to get in Majia’s way.

    I did actually score ONE point. I had a blast , even though I was a bit toasted from the sewer sprints prior.

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