Recent News – Loss of Alexandria Park Court

Unfortunately, we will no longer be holding weeknight sessions as we do not have access to a court that allows us to hire the use of their lights. We hope that this is only a temporary issue, but for the moment, we will ONLY be holding Sunday sessions on a regular basis.

Alexandria Park Court denied

As many of you may be aware, we have been asked to leave Alexandria Park court. When booking for the lights for our Thursday session, we were denied. This post is to inform everyone what has happened, as well as our plans to find a more permanent court.

We are undertaking a number of avenues to have permission from local council to remain as well as pursuing Sydney City council for the possibility of a dedicated ‘multi-sport’ court which we would be able to use permanently.

If anyone has any suggestions, comments or knowledge of a court which might be accommodating, we would greatly appreciate the help.

Until then, Sundays are still going ahead, although we may rotate courts to draw less attention. So keep checking this website for the latest dates/times. If you wish to be added to the text message list, then let me know on 0405 576 342.

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