New Logo Needed for Sydney Bike Polo

SBP needs a new logo

We’re putting out a call for ideas for a new ‘Sydney Bike Polo’ logo. Although we appreciate our previous logo that floating around, it’s hard to reproduce on a smaller scale. We feel something simpler that better represents us at the moment would be great. No constraints. Use either “Sydney Bike Polo” or “SBP” and open to the idea of something a little more abstract for an image.

We are planning to get some more shirts and new cycling caps made up soon. If we use your idea, we’d be happy to pay in some free merch!

Come down to discuss or you can send inquiries to our brand spanking new email at [ ]

3 thoughts on “New Logo Needed for Sydney Bike Polo

  • Hey

    I really don’t like “SBP” – I think it’s important to keep the words “bike polo” in any logo we have at a time when we are trying to educate people about the sport.


  • True. I think I would have to agree. Depending on the logo, it might be possible to have any words such as “sydney bike polo” work independently of any image. The “Gear Brisbane” branding is a perfect example of this. Alone, the bike swirl is instantly recognizable.

  • Yeah I’m not really into the SBP thing either. But as much as i love adam’s design, i think something more basic would definitely be a good thing.

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