Polo Posters

In preparation for the upcoming Deus Swap Meet (Carnevale de Velo) and Bike Film Fest, we are printing another run of posters and flyers. Check them out below. The amazing photos are from Steve and Steph, taken at the World Championships in Berlin this year. Thanks for lending the images guys!

polo poster 1

polo poster 2

polo poster 3

3 thoughts on “Polo Posters

  • WOW those are amazing, hope they draw in loads of new players to the Sydney scene…just a Q tho’ are those all pics of Sydney players at the worlds? Send some to Christchurch and we’l post ’em up on our clubroom wall.

  • We have bikini-clad images of us if you’d prefer those instead?? Unfortunately, these 3 photos aren’t of Sydney players. Steve owns the photos and I believe he is planning to post them up to our flickr pool shortly. Ill pass on the message.

    Planning on heading over for our tourney in Feb??


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