Autumn Tournament Recap

I’ll be updating this as more information comes in. Firstly, a big thanks to Rob Moss for putting together an amazing tournament, and to all the other players that lent a hand to help him out. Cheers Melbourne for a perfect weekend of sunny weather, wicked tunes and awesome polo. The quality was high and every single team were solid performers.

Final Standings After Day 2:

1: Storm Boys (Damon, Lewis, Neil)
2: Vive La Robolution (Rob B, Vive, Rob M)
3: LSV (Locky, Steve, Virginia)
4: Chixie Dicks (Brook, Tom, Ray)
5: Polo Beers (Bart, Andrew, Chris)
6: Los Polo Hermanos (Will, Benee, Eazy)
7: Majestic Pink Shafts (Jamie, Ali, Jordan)
8: Boy Girl Boy (Steph, Sam, Ben)

Storm Boys

Storm Boys: Neil, Lewis, Damon

Vive La Robolution

Vive La Robolution: Vive, Rob B, Rob M


LSV: Locky, Stephen, Virginia

Chixie Dicks

Chixie Dicks: Brook, Tom, Ray

Congratulations to the amazing Storm Boys for an undefeated weekend (I think only 1 draw from 11 or 12 games). Also, to Sydney’s own Lewis who has been in consistent form to take out the last 5 tournaments in Australia since his return from overseas. Well done.

AJ from Melbourne has posted up torrents to download full versions of the games he has recorded at this website. Please help out by seeding them once completed. Jamie and Tom provided great helmet and goal cameras and a lower resolution side bike camera was on Brook’s bike. I’m sure this footage will make its way online soon.

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