Midwestern Championships 9

Frisky Dingo vs Ball Slappin 22 May 2011 from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Back at the end of May, the Midwestern area of the NAH held their Championship Tournament. Mr DO has just released this great unedited video of Frisky Dingo vs Ball Slappin’ and Booty Clappin’ in a double elimination game. The loser coming 4th and the winner going on to play against Machine Polotics but guaranteed 3rd spot.

Midwestern Poster

Midwestern Poster

The highlights show what amazing quality of play is coming out of NAH at the moment. The final was once again Machine Polotics vs Beaver Boys (II Men) with BB taking out the title. Check out the LoBP tournament thread here for some amazing photos too (scroll ALLLL the way down).

Note that “Frisky Dingos” are actually from NYC and not tied to Australia!

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