League Drafting

The teams for the new Sydney League have now been drawn up with 6 full teams. There are also a number of spare players that have not yet been assigned a team so still plenty of room to form additional teams.

The first round will begin either this Thursday or Sunday and run up until Christmas. Teams are welcome to pick a team name too, so let Virginia or Brook know next session. Teams are as follows:

Team 1: Locky, Martin, Jesse
Team 2: Virginia, Eddie, Danos
Team 3: Brook, Daniel, [Michael + Fancesco]
Team 4: Tsz, Tom, Jack
Team 5: Shifty, Robin, Jamahl
Team 6: Doddy, Ben, Wulfman

Wildcard players: Belle, Larry, Stephen, Gavin

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  • Hey guys, sounds like you have a great start to the summer season! See you guys spoon I hope!

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