Sydney Bike Polo League

Sydney Bike Polo is about to begin a short league leading up to the holiday break. Teams will be randomly drawn with seeding to get an even spread of experience.

It is a casual, chilled out environment and a great way to pick up experience for those who haven’t played, or are just beginning.

Each Thursday night or Sunday session will involve one or two ‘league games’ with the rest of the night casual ‘pick-up’ as normal. Teams are allowed to pass their turn if a player is away that week, or can substitute for an equally skilled player.

Run down of structure and teams will be this Sunday (6th November) and posted here and on the SBP facebook page. Games will commence Sunday the 13th November.

IF YOU WISH TO BE PART OF THE LEAGUE, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!!! Or you can sign up over on our Facebook page and check out more info. If you aren’t quite sure about it, don’t worry, our sessions will still mostly involve normal games as usual.

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