Milk Bike Polo

Milking of from Uolmo on Vimeo.

A group of players from Geneva have got together under the name ‘Milk Bike Polo‘ to create an impressive shaft and mallet head solution. Super quick to swap, sturdy and light, this system look the bizzz. As it’s still fairly new, they are a little pricey at around 17 pounds, but you get a quality product! I just hope they recycle or reuse all that cored out plastic! Check out their site for interesting section views and assembly methods!

Section view of mallet head

Section view of mallet head

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  • Hi Sydney bike polo! I am really interested in these products, but they are really expensive to buy myself. They cost about $110 for a shaft and a malet head set inc. shipping. So I have an idea, if your polo club and our polo club organise together a group purchase, it may work out cheaper? Reason I’m asking is that your members compared to ours, is larger. Any suggestions?
    I wont be able to go to the Nationals, but good luck to team L.S.V.!

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