OZ Day Tournament Roundup 1

Sydney Bike Polo held a Australia Day Mix-Up Tournament which produced a great day of polo, drinks and shenanigans. First off, thanks to Virginia for organizing the food and general tournament structure and items! Thanks also to the crowd and friends that turned up to watch and chillax. Unfortunately some of our players had various family functions to attend, but we managed to have 22 players register and play. Overall, it was a great day of polo that was nice and relaxed. I would like to thank all the players for there good nature and courtesy that was shown on the court, it was beautiful to see so many faced intense games without the need for a ref.

Below are a few pictures and the stats of the top 12 ranked players and finals results. This post will update eventually with a full list of results and more pics on the weekend.

Francesco's Polo Bike

Francesco's Polo Bike

Score sheets and game draw magnets

Score sheets and game draw magnets

Crowd rocking SBP shirts

Crowd rocking SBP shirts

Below is a table of the top 12 players that progressed into the finals. Stephen unfortunately left before the finals, and Tsz took out Francesco in a dramatic 1v1 match to decide who progressed through.

Player Games Points Goal Diff. Rank
Brook 6 10 +9 1
Danos 6 9 +10 2
Locky 6 8 +12 3
Robin 5 8 +11 4
Shifty 6 8 +1 5
Virginia 6 7 +4 6
Doddy 6 7 -2 7
Tom 6 7 -4 8
Stephen 4 6 +6 9
Jamie 6 6 +1 10
Eddie 2 4 +9 11
Belle 4 4 +2 12
Tsz 6 4 -2 13
Francesco 6 4 -2 13

Semi Final 1: Belle, Shifty, Brook def. Danos Tom, Eddie (5-2)

Semi Final 2: Locky, Virginia, Jamie def. Tsz, Robin, Doddy (5-3)

Final: Locky, Shifty, Eddie def. Virginia, Brook, Jamie (5-4)

Players in final

Winning team on the left (Locky, Shifty, Eddie) and runners up (Virginia, Jamie, Brook)

4 thoughts on “OZ Day Tournament Roundup 1

  • Looks like Shifty can barely stand up…! :P

    Sounds like a great day of polo! Can’t wait for Cirque du Sydney! Woot!

  • Sure do Mitch, I’ll be putting a few more up soon. Not much on game play but a few of the crowd etc. There’s some video footage around too which I think Sammy took. After picking up a beer in one hand and a mallet in the other, it was difficult to also hold a camera..

  • Hahaha, most of us couldn’t! But I must say that although he was largely riding in circles, Shifty still managed to pull out a scorcher of a winning goal in the final. One touch backhand to top corner from a Locky flick pass. Cirque is going to be epic!

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