Welcome Party Tonight @ The Vic, Enmore


The welcome party for AHBPC 2014 is at the Vic on the Park Hotel tonight from 7pm. We will be giving everyone one a run down of the tournament including format and scheduling, handing out some little presents, doing prizes for the Polocat and doing some preliminary bike safety checks.

We have worked out a great dinner and drink deal for $15. See below:

This includes either a lamb spit roll (which will be rotating on the night), that comes with baby spinach, a tomato chutney and mint dill yogurt sauce or a Vego option is the same fillers but instead of lamb it’s a zucchini patty. The drink will be a schooner of VB, Carlton Draught, Resches or a Coopers (sorry Brisbane, couldn’t get Cruisers added).

To get the special deal, just approach the back bar (next to the kitchen pass) and ask for the BIKE POLO DEAL. Staff will ask whether you’d like the lamb or vego roll and then what beer, $15, done.


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