Shit City Australasian Invitational 2017 // Winter in Sydney edition


  1. 12-16 teams
  2. 3 players per team
  3. NAH 2017 Ruleset will apply, amendments to be confirmed before the tournament
  4. Refereed game by scheduled teams
  5. Players can appoint a substitute if unable to attend after the team paid, 2/3rds rule apply
  6. 30 seconds off will be given to any player seen to be negatively back-chatting the referee

This format is on trial for this tournament:
Objectives are:
This format is on trial for this tournament here are the key elements:

  •  longer games (15mn with stoppages, actual NAH ruleset)
  • opportunity for everyone to play at all team levels, but more closer games (e.g. warm ups / playoffs)
  • implementing and testing NAH ruleset 2017
  • organize refereeing in Australasia, teams will be scheduled to referee/
  • minimize organization (scheduled games, and referreing, reasonable scheduling)
  • longer dead time between games for more accurate scheduling
  • team autonomy (games will not start before the official time)
  • higher standard of refereeing (scheduled goal refs)

The format will differ depending on the amount of teams playing the tournament (16 to 12) but consist of 5 essential phases:

  1. Staging: we’re trying to find who are the actual best 4 teams.
    4 groups of 3 or 4 teams playing round robins during the 1 st day
  2. Filtering: lower ranked teams in their group play other games to give a more accurate ranking
  3. Warm ups: best 4 play a round robin, to warm up before the single elimination
  4. Playoffs: lower ranked teams will play a versus to allow surprise competitors
  5. Finals: a Single elimination starting with the best teams versus the winners of the playoff will play


Saturday and Sunday  29th/30th of July from 9 to 6pm.

Undoubtedly the best polo you’ll see this winter!


Our new court!


All Sorts Indoor Sports
(Rooftop Tennis Court)
Building 8, 190 Bourke Road
Alexandria NSW 2015



We’re aiming to help ANZ’s polo community grow by encouraging each local club to host at least one annual league. Leagues give spectators something linear to follow and become invested in and players the opportunity to develop their skills in a team environment.

This new venue will also give us an opportunity to put the sport in front of new people and network for sponsors and community involvement.

Sydney Bike Polo will host the tourney with the help of Down Over Polo Equipment, who will run the format of the tourney.


Long story short:
Every team will qualify in their own league with this slot allocation with the exception of all players of the top 4 teams of the Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2017 and we will also invite the first team with 2/3rds of FTW players minimum on a first come first served basis.
Those players are invited under certain conditions which they’ve be contacted about (deadline July 1st, only 3/3rds of invited players or 2/3rds with FTW player)
Registration ends on 3rd of July at 8pm (GMT+10) for invited players and on 10th of July for league players.

List of Players:
Spectres, 1st Australasian team 2017
❌ Max N, Brisbane, AUS
❌ Scott D, Perth, AUS
✅ Ned C, Melbourne, AUS, In-Spectres Keanu
✅ Jason B, Sydney, AUS, Spectres
The Huntsmen, 2nd Australasian team 2017
✅ Jamie B, Brisbane, AUS, Team TBC
✅ Nicholas D, Sydney, AUS, The Huntsmen
✅ Ben L, Sydney, AUS, The Huntsmen
❌ Daniel S, Sydney, AUS
✅ Martin H, Sydney, AUS, Spectres
✅ Damon R, Melbourne, AUS, The Huntsmen
In-Spectres Keanu, 3rd Australasian team 2017
✅ David C, Melbourne, AUS, name TBA
❌ John B, Brisbane, AUS
✅ Prawi W, Sydney, AUS, Spectres
✅ Dante K, Melbourne, AUS, In-Spectres Keanu
✅ Jordan T, Melbourne, AUS, In-Spectres Keanu
Timaru Bike Polo, 4th Australasian team 2017
❌ Ash M, Timaru, NZ
✅ Mike B, Timaru, NZ, name TBA
❌ Sam C, Timaru, NZ
❌ Richard B, Timaru, NZ
❌ Karl W, Timaru, NZ

Slot allocation per city:
✅ Top 4 Sydney, AUS, from Sydney City’s Winter League 2017, cut off date 15th of July
✅ Top 2 Auckland, NZ, qualifying tourney TBA, cut off date 10th of July
❌ Top 1 Hobart, AUS, qualifying tourney TBA, cut off date 3rd of July
Top 1 Brisbane, AUS, qualifying tourney TBA, cut off date 10th of July
✅ Top 1 Melbourne, AUS, from Melbourne’s Winter Whack League 2017, cut off date 10th of July
❌ Top 1 Perth, AUS, qualifying tourney TBA, cut off date 10th of July
✅ Top 1 Canberra, AUS, qualifying tourney TBA, cut off date 10th of July
❌ Top 1 Newcastle, AUS, qualifying tourney TBA, cut off date 10th of July

NOTE: teams/players declining their invitation will not be replaced until we hit the 12 teams minimum.

Invited teams:
Name TBA, Sydney, Melbourne, AUS, Timaru, NZ (Joelle M, David C, Mike B)
In-Spectres Keanu, Melbourne, AUS (Jordan T, Dante K, Ned C)
The Huntsmen, Sydney, Melbourne, AUS (Ben L, Daniel S, Damon R)
Spectres, Sydney, AUS (Prawi W, Jason B, Martin H)

Auckland, NZ
Name TBA, Auckland, NZ (Gätien D, Allan E, Jamie B)

Canberra, AUS
Name TBA, Canberra, Newcastle AUS (Matt S, Lllew R, John H)

Sydney, AUS
The Huntsmen
Flaming Galahs (Morag M, Kent H, Stephen C, Jason B)
Scavengers (Clint O, Will G, Ben S)
The Tail Whip
5th – Dab Nation (Shaye S, András M, Richard C)
6th – 2 Shits 1 City (Kat N, Joel Y, Bill C)

Melbourne, AUS
info N/A


As in… How do I register for this chance at glory?
Fill in the form to confirm that you’re coming:


Registration for this league is $210 per team.
This registration covers the substantial cost of court hire and lighting to ensure unhindered game time for the whole weekend.


Sydney Bike Polo will do its best to host all of the interstate players willing to come.

Winter in Sydney edition