Bike Polo 101: Safety Gear

Most people who try bike polo for the first time have some experience cycling, so it’s often holding and utilising the mallet which takes some getting used to. The Tripod is a fairly pivotal basic skill because it allows you to come to a complete stop without putting your feet on the ground. The more you can control your speed the easier it will be to position yourself for a pass, tend your goal, block, screen or avoid other players and shoot the ball.

You don’t need a ball to practice, just grab yourself and mallet and jump on your bike at home. Try marking the ground with tape or chalk, riding towards it and stopping as close to the mark as possible then circling around and trying again. Riding like this with only one hand controlling the direction and speed of the bike will almost certainly improve your day-to-day riding as well!

Check out more videos from Bike Polo 101…

See you soon down at Newbie Night!

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Protect Your Brain… And Also Your Face


For those of you looking for a helmet with a face cage and would prefer not to inherit an ex-ice hockey helmet doused in years of someone’s winter sweats, we’ve stumbled upon O’Niells. They’re an Irish mob that have been making personal sports protective gear since 1918, who’ll laser print your team logo and your name on your new helm and ship that bay boy to your door for a grand total of AUD$105.

It’s important to note that these hurling/camogie helmets are aimed more at shielding the whole head from sharp contact with a speeding ball or mallet. They are not aimed at protecting the cranium from impact from the ground in a fall, though there is obviously some cushioning. In saying that, they offer more protection than weaing no head protection at all. When it comes to helmets, the only part of the conversation which doesn’t seem contentious is the notion that everyone should wear one.

They’re light, come in roughly a million colour combinations and have a removable, one-piece lining that can be washed when that stank gets too much to wear.

If you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself, get your team or club logo together and head over to

If all this went straight over your head, this video says pretty much the same thing and shows off the non-sweatshop-esque work conditions in the factory at the same time.

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Bike Polo 101: Warm Up

Bike Polo 101 is a YouTube channel aimed at introducing newcomers to the sport, explaining more complex moves and just generally creating conversation around this, our most illustrious past-time of hardcourt bike polo.

This video is one of the first from PB101 and it outlines a few key areas of the body to warm up before playing. Warming up is definitely important to reduce the chance of injury during play so try to take a few minutes before you head onto the court.

If you’d like to join the conversation you can get at Bike Polo 101 via…

And check out more videos and subscribe to the channel over at:

We’ll be posting more videos as they do.

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Sydney Slayerfest Tournament


Sydney Bike Polo wish to hail the all mighty Metal Gods this autumn by hosting the first ever SYDNEY SLAYERFEST. We will sacrifice blood, sweat, tears and beers on court and want to invite all hardcore hard court players to join us in this most righteously diabolic tournament.

WHEN: April 11th & 12th 2015

WHERE: Summer Hill Netball courts at 91 Carlton St, Summer Hill (TBC). Easy to access Inner West location. Around the corner from Summer Hill Station, shops, pub, facilities.

WHO: Only the most METAL of bike polo players are welcome, which includes, but is not limited to, local players of any skill level, interstate players of any skill level as well as international players of any skill level. Basically, be METAL and play polo, capiche?

FORMAT: Two days, one court, all metal playlist. We will be using the good Dr. Andy’s World Cup style seeding system. 20 teams max. 10 min games, unlimited goals, single elimination. Court will have full height boards, stay tuned for court size details.

NO PAY, NO PLAY: $30 per person. Rego opening and closing dates TBA. Your team will only be a part of this slayfest if all three members have paid up. Rego will include sweet merch.


BIKE CHECKS: Your bike and mallet will be checked and must pass inspection before the tournament kicks off. No exposed cogs/chainrings, brakes need to function, no bottle cages, kneecups, or racks allowed, must have bar ends and safe axles.

PARTY: Erin is celebrating her 30th birthday and is inviting all Slayers to attend her party on Saturday night. Details will be posted at event.

SBP are a friendly bunch and some of us do have couches and floorspace on offer. Ask your mates and get in touch if you need help finding accommodation. Hotels/hostels are nearby, Newtown is only a short train ride and less than 5km ride away.

So start banding all of your long haired, head-banging, devil hand throwing, mosh pit thrashing, breakdown chugging, blast beat loving teams together so that we can turn this tournament up to ELEVEN!!!

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Sydney Newbie Bike Polo Night

Sydney Newbie Bike Polo Night

Sydney Newbie Bike polo is weekly Co-Ed bike polo at Alexandria Park basketball court. We hope to get enough new players out to play a few fun and slower games of 3 vs 3 while you work on skills and meet new people. The night will be a regular weekly fixture and encourage new players to start their first games in an easy pace with others also trying it for the first time.

For more info, check out our dedicated FB group.

We will kick things off on Wednesday night the 7th of May and continue play every Wednesday night from 6:30pm as well as supply mallets and balls.

- A bike (We will have a few loaner bikes if you do not want to use yours)
- A helmet
- A pair of gloves (optional)

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It’s the third and final day of the AUS+NZ Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships!!! Today’s proceedings will be a double elimination format to whittle down to our champion team. We hope the final will be played at around 5pm. TEMPE RECREATIONAL RESERVE ~ BE THERE!!!


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