Eighth-Inch Polo Mallet Head

Mallet End Caps

It seemed it was only a matter of time before bike polo became mainstream enough for gear to be made with them in mind. Although it seems hard for the home-made culture to be over-run, the Milwaukee-based Eighth-Inch (who have already cornered a polo market for their frame) have produced a mallet head.

Using the same HDPE as the sought after gas pipes, these seem to be pretty well designed. The main advantage I see here is the integration of end caps (replacements available) that can work with a variation of head lengths. They come in 150mm lengths and can be cut down to 140 or 130 while still being able to mount the end caps on one or both sides. They also seem to have a mid support sleeve for the shaft for additional strength.

I guess the potential flaws I can see at this stage is the set mallet head diameter, the shaft diameter set at 19mm, and the re-drilling fo end caps when shortened down to 140 or 130mm. Oh, and to get to australia it’ll probably end up around the $30 or $40 mark.

Mallet End Caps

Mallet End Caps

  • HDPE Plastic
  • Built in 19mm sleeve for added strength
  • 1 bolt attachment to any 19mm shaft
  • 150mm with cut lines for 130 and 140mm
  • Includes 2 replaceable end caps
  • Includes required screws

Check out the Eighth-inch site for more info.


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