Website news update

This week we are continuing with a mid-week session on Tuesday the 27th July down at alexandria park bball court. Same as last week, 730 start until 930 or 10. Check the ‘PLAY’ page for details of the court. Thank for setting up lights Virginia!

As always, plenty of mallets and bikes to go around.

If youre new and wish to come down to check it out, your more than welcome! If you send an email or comment with your mobile number ill be happy to message you before the next session to make sure that we will be there!

In other news, we have been discussing some possible updates to the site for notifying everyone on the next session. This is in regards to weather as its been a little tricky with the amount of rain recently.

For now, I will include a box to the side which I will try to keep most updated as well as any contact details to double check by sms. So before you leave for polo, check the website to see!!!

Hopefully in the future, this will be an automatic notification through email or sms, but for now this will have to do.

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