‘Cirque du Sydney’ Details

“Cirque du Sydney” is an action packed double header weekend guaranteed to entertain. Getting back to our roots, the tournament will be relaxed, all-inclusive and filled with events for both the players and spectators to enjoy. Come one, and come all, embrace the inner clown.

“Carney Carnage” is the big top event on the Saturday. After a single round robin, teams will be divided into a top and bottom half group, to then battle it out with similarly skilled teams in a single elimination final. After trying this out at Christchurch’s successful Winter Whack ii, we feel this is the best way for both the serious and non-serious players to compete in an encouraging environment. As we only have a single court, there will be a 20 team limit. Teams registered can play in their own uniforms, but will have to have a team name in the theme of the weekend; think circus, animals, tightropes and women with beards. Referees are banned (goal refs only).

“Sideshow Slaughter” is the relaxed individual tournament on the Sunday. The tournament will be a throw-up format, with each game randomly drawing two teams of three. Each game awards points to the players of the winning team. At the end of the day, the top 12 players will compete in knockout finals to the sledging and heckling of the masses. Dress up in your sideshow best as COSTUMES ARE MANDATORY!

We are still in planning for the Friday night party, and will hopefully have a warehouse shin-dig and 1v1 ‘knife fights’ court running. Saturday will be from 9am to 6pm (we have lights in case it runs over) and Sunday begins at 10am with a stricter 5pm finish for those heading to the Airport.

Rego info will be posted in the next week so check back for details. Also check out our page dedicated to the tournament.

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