Sydney Mini-Tournament

This coming weekend we will be hosting two tournaments over the weekend! We have a few inter-state guests coming down for a weekend of solid polo for teams and pick-up. We will have a BBQ on both days with some basic items, bring anything extra you might desire.

Saturday: Starting at 10am we will be holding a single day teamed tournament. Come down as a team or join a team when you arrive. We will be doing a simple round robin then a finals round. Proper tournament rules regarding contact, fouls and safety etc apply so bring a helmet and cap those bar ends.

Saturday night: We will be heading to a pub (undecided as yet) after the tournament for some food and drinks.

Sunday: Attempting another 10am start, this tournament day will be all about developing those skills and playing with as many people as possible. We will be playing a “throw-up” tournament which is essentially normal pick-up games but your points and scores will be recorded. We will have some sort of final at the end for bragging rights.

Sydney Mini-Tournament and Training Day 2012

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