Beaver Boys vs Machine Politics @ Boston Lockdown

We pleased to get some of the footage from Boston’s “Winter Lockdown” tournament held last weekend, January 15-16 2011. WHBPC finalists Beaver Boys and Machine Politics played three times against each other at the Boston Lockdown over the course of the tournament. Once during swiss rounds, once in the second round of the winner’s bracket of double elimination, once in the 4th place game.

The footage below is from the first round of Swiss Rounds.

Machine Politics vs Beaver Men from kev on Vimeo.

The final standings can be found here.

1st – Guardians (Dusty/Seabass/Julian) – Seattle
2nd – Cinnamon Rolls Royce ( Paul R Ian D Mark C) – NYC/RVA/PHI
3rd – Machine Politics – Chicago
4th – Beaver Boys – Milwaukee

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