Carney Carnage Brackets

Just a couple of updates for next weekend. We have now completed sorting out all the groups and playing times so please check below for whether your team is in the morning or noon bracket viagra en ligne canada. Morning teams must be at the court for an 8:30 start (don’t worry, there should be a coffee cart at the court!), the noon bracket must be ready to play at 1130am. The actual groupings will be announced at the welcome night party on Friday.

Don’t forget that Sunday’s “Sideshow Slaughter” is costumed! We have been hearing some great ideas in Sydney and will hopefully post for sneak peaks during next week. Check out this video for inspiration.

Morning Bracket (8:30am start)
Sloppy Sword Swallowers
The Ham Fighters
Cirque du So’laid
Trailer Trash
The Majic Pants Sideshow
Cock Ring Masters
Insane Clown Polo (SYD)
Pukeko Cannonballs
The Jesters (Come out to play-i-ay)

Noon Bracket (11:30am start)
Ya Mum’s Big Top
Nitro Circus
Clowns Gone Crazy
The Bearded Ladies
Insane Clown Polo (MLB)
Toupe de Rouge

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