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It is our great pleasure to announce that Sydney Hardcourt Bike Polo is now an official non-for-profit association!!! It has been a long time coming, but we can now be recognized as an official ‘sporting’ club. This is a big move for the future of our sport in Sydney, Australia and around the world as Hardcourt Bike Polo continues to grow.

We would like this opportunity to thank our committed members, players, friends and supporters both new and old who over the years has pushed for recognition and legitimacy. THANK YOU!

What does this mean for our players?

Our regular bi-weekly playing days will continue and games will proceed as they always have. The benefits of being an association are more for organizing demonstrations with the council and private organizations, the holding of events (such as next years National Championships!), having Public Liability cover for these as well as other community activities and fundraising.

The only real change for our club is the introduction of Sydney Bike Polo Memberships! This will be an annual membership and for the first year the fee is set at $50. We feel pretty strongly that this should be voluntary and left up to the individual player whether or not they wish to support the club at a financial level. As our club operates with free access to courts, lights and have never before asked for a fee, we felt this was a reasonable amount.

What does being a member get me?

Apart from helping to support and run the club, the membership entitles players to a annual club rego patch (unique each year) and other goodies (see next point below for other perks and entitlements). It also means that you will be able to receive free rego for any of our local events/tournaments (besides Australasian Champs 2014, sorry!), but it DOES get you a massive high-five, amazing karma and better sex.

Where does the membership fee go?

The membership fee will go towards purchasing public liability insurance for our club. As we are a non-for-profit association, all the remaining funds will go back to the players in the form of discounts on group buys of equipment, supplies and club merchandise! This means polo gear such as mallets shafts and heads (Swallows etc) can be offered to members for below cost price!

What if I don’t want to become a member?

If you’ve only just started or are unsure whether you will be a regular player, we understand you may be hesitant in becoming a member, and that’s OK! You will still be welcome to play, so by all means, join only when you feel ready!

How do I become a member?

Go check out our resources page for the required forms. We will have these available at each of our sessions or you can download them, fill them out and bring it along with you.

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